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Vanlife in Tiveden National Park


On the road again. This weekend we packed up the kids and the dog and headed out after work and school Friday afternoon driving down to the National Park Tiveden between the two great lakes Vänern and Vättern. Since you're not allowed to park inside the national park we headed to what we had seen was supposed to be a really pretty lakeside spot with firewood and a porta potty....weeell by the time we made it there it was pitch black and if there was a lake we couldn't find it or the porta potty. Two kilometers on a gravel road in pitch black was adventurous though so there was that. We hung out listened to some good music and played games until it was time to sleep. As we cuddled in I finished up reading some of my favorites Agatha Chrisite short stories with Hercule Poirot is a really nice one since it's a collection and you can finish a story and pause reading till next time.



Waking up in the morning we saw the lake! and it really was pretty but the porta potty that was supposedly there was nowhere in sight, we speculated that maybe it's only there during summer time? idea c'est la vie so we headed over to the main entrance of Tiveden's National park and had a delicious breakfast consisting of cinnamon toast, eggs and coffee.

Many of the National Parks of Sweden have places called "Nature Rooms" at the main entrances with everything from information about the geology, fauna and wildlife as well as cozy firepits and picnic tables and ramps to make some of the stunning views more easily accessible for those that might otherwise not be able to enjoy them.



There are so many places and hiking trails to choose from and it's great that there are longer and shorter routes depending on if you're on your own or with kids and maybe not able to do hardcore hiking.

I think one of my favorites was the Stigman Pass which is a rift in the cliffs that are so characteristic for the Tived National Park.

The Giant boulders brought in and left from the ice age are all over and huuuuge. If you do come for a visit make sure to check out the Troll Church which is two really cool mountains and the Giants Kettle. With the ancient inland ice grinding on the mountains before it finally melted it's left a very distinct smooth finish that is just gorgeous.

A good idea though is to get there early because the parking lot for campers and RV's filled up really fast. Unfortunately it's no parking over night but since there are so many other scenic places around the outside border of the park so that just gives you the chance to explore a little more.

Let's keep it real though people. If you are traveling with kids things just might not go to plan...I mean they might...but chances are you will have to switch those plans up along the way. We had a situation and I think it's one many parents can relate to. There was no WIFI. To me personally it is more important that the kids have fun and get a chance to experience nature in a way where they don't feel forced to do stuff and the excursion leaves a negative imprint. Our darling goofballs were distraught when the phones were dead and the power banks empty. Solar panels in the spring will hopefully help with that though but the Eco Flow River Max we use now to power our 12 volt fridge and do light charging really is awesome and highly recomended.

Anyway we decided since the drive was so amazingly gorgeous we would make the rest of the days activity driving home and stopping a bit here and there to take in the beautiful fall foliage instead of pushing through and doing one more night. And no I'm not evil they actually posed for that shot lol.

We took our time and also visited the town of Laxå on our way out which was really cool since I had been there for summer camp with Creative Missions when I was a teen.

Another plus is that with each outing Bailey is more and more chill about traveling in the van and hanging out in it.

She is growing into her role as van dog and having her with us is such a blast. Nothing better than a cuddly puppy heater in the night.


I love Fall the most of all

I have always loved road tripping. But from now on I'm gonna take a stand and say road tripping in fall is my new favorite, There is a certain sense of magic about the colorful leaves surrounding you as you drive through rolling hills of mixed evergreens and leaves of red, orange and yellow snuggled up with blankets and fuzzy socks.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

And don't forget to stop and enjoy the things that make you smile



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