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VoiceOver Artist and singer songwriter Jessie Frances started her career in television and radio in the late 1980's. Her debut in the made for tv movie Sinai followed by several years of work for the movie chanel Filmnets childrens department, KTV.

Throughout her  long career on the Swedish VoiceOver scene, Jessie has a wide variety of clients behind her due to her bilingual abilities doing an equal amount of Swedish and American English voiceover work. Some of these including. Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, Atlas Copco, Läkerol, WWF, TNT , MQ and more, earning her various prizes including a Bronze Lion in Cannes and a Swedish Silver Egg.

In addition to this Jessie spent her early years singing gospel music and from there, bridging over into performing arts and musical theatre, studying and performing throughout Europe and Scandinavia before moving to Nashville Tennessee, writing music and playing bass in a band.

Back in Sweden she is currently involved in a number of projects including her own debut solo album,  coaching ,podcast & blog.

With a passion for recording and creativity as well as dedication to innovating online & virtual solutions for musical performances she now streams live concerts to audiences ranging from Europe to the United States as well as Australia weekly.


Swedish & English VoiceOver Artist
Audio Producer


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